Joey is a luxurious 100% Natural and organic Nappy cream with absolutely no chemicals or preservatives. Designed by a pharmacist and nurse to soothe nappy rash and alleviate eczema using the purest of ingredients from nature.

All our ingredients come from natural and organic local sources and are 100% chemical-free. No preservatives, no nasties - guaranteed!

The cream is infused with rich natural and organic oils to soothe and protect babies skin. Its beautiful smell comes from our tea tree and lavender blend which is one among many of the natural extracts we have used to make our cream. It contains almond oil, a rich zinc barrier cream and a proprietary blend of Vitamins and natural extracts which help to relax baby, reduce inflammation of the skin and protect the skin against skin conditions.

Joey comes in a fully recyclable or reusable glass container with bamboo lid making it 100% Eco-friendly. The quality of this product makes it an excellent gift for newly expecting mums and dads.

Container size: 100grams of cream , 10cm x 6cm

100g Joey Natural & Organic Nappy Cream

  • Almond Oil,  Certified Organic Apricot kernel oil, Calendula oil, Aquaeous solution, Lanolin, Certified Organic Lavender oil, Proprietary blend of Vitamins and Natural essential oils,  Zinc

  • To obtain the benefits and protection of our cream only a very small amount needs to be used.

    Apply and rub in a pea sized amount to baby's nappy area after cleaning and drying the skin between each nappy change to ensure the skin remains soothed and protected all day long.

    For Eczema: You may use this cream in leg creases and areas of eczema to help soothe any additional redness and rashes unrelated to the nappy area.


Over 12 100% Natural and organic ingredients from nature.


100% Australian made, owned and sourced local ingredients.


Lanolin sourced from vegetarian approved ethical supplier